Honda Small Engine Flywheel and Crankshaft Keys

Find your Honda small engine flywheel keys and crankshaft keys below. Select a Honda engine flywheel key or crankshaft key to view its description. Search above with your Honda flywheel key and crankshaft key numbers. If your Honda flywheel keys or crankshaft keys aren't listed, contact us.

  • Crankshaft key
  • 7 x 7 x 33
  • Fits Honda engines G42 (Q, RD), G42K1 (Q, RD), G65 (Q, RD), G65K2 RD1, G80 BQ, G200, G300 (SB7, SZC2), GS65 BD, and GS65K2 BD
  • Fits Honda engines GX120K1, GX120U1, GX140 RH, GX160K1, GX160RT1 RHG4, GX160U1, GX160UT1, GX160UT2, GX200, GX200U, and GX200UT RH2
  • Fits Honda engines GX240, GX240K1, GX240U1, GX240U2 (LX2, SMX2, SMX4), GX240UT1 LX2, and GX240UF
  • T2 (LX2, RA2)
  • Fits Honda engines GX270, GX270R RSC2, GX270RT RSC2, GX270RT2 (RHG4, RSC2), GX270U, GX270U2 (SMX2, SMX4), GX270UT, and GX270UT2
  • Fits Honda engines GX340 (LX, STP, STQ), GX340K1, GX340U1, GX340U2 SMX2, GX340UT1 LX2, GX340UT2 (LX2, LXQ4, SMX2), GX390K1, GX390U1, GX390U2, GX390UT1, GX390UT2, and GX440IU


  • Flywheel key
  • 25 x 18
  • Fits Honda engines G65, G65K2 (Q3, RD1), G80, G400, GS65 BD, GS65K2 BD, GV150, GV200, GV400, GX110, and GX140


  • Flywheel key
  • 25 x 18
  • Fits Honda engines G150, G200, G300, G400K1, GC135, GC160, GC160A, GC160LA, GC160 LE VXA, GC190A, GC190LA, GCV135, GCV160, GCV160A, GCV160LA,GCV160LA0, GCV160LE, GCV190A, GCV190LA, GS190A, GSV190A, and GCV190LA
  • Fits Honda engines GX110, GX120K1, GX120T1, GX120U1, GX120UT1, GX140, GX160H1 QX2, GX160K1, GX160RT1 RHE4, GX160T1, GX160U1, GX160UT1, GX200, GX200T, GX200U, GX200UT, GX240, GXV120, GXV140, GXV160, GXV160A1, GXV160H2 (T1AH), GXV160K1, GXV160UA1, GXV160UH2, GV150K1 A1D, GV200, and GV400K1


  • Crankshaft key
  • 25 x 18
  • Fits all Honda engines GCV520, GCV530, GCV530R, GCV530U, GX240, GX240K1, GX240R1, GX240R2, GX240RT1, GX240RT2, GX240U1, and GX240U2
  • Fits all Honda engines GX270, GX270R, GX270RT, GX270T, GX270U, GX270U2, GX270UH, GX270UT, GX270UT2, GX340, GX340K1, GX340R2, GX340RT1, GX340RT2, GX340U1, GX340U2, GX340UT1, and GX340UT2
  • Fits all Honda engines GX360K1, GX390K1, GX390R1, GX390R2, GX390R2, GX390RT1, GX390RT2, GX390T1, GX390U1, GX390U2, GX390UH1, GX390UT1, and GX390UT2
  • Fit all Honda engines GX440IR, GX440IU, GX610, GX610K1, GX610R1, GX610U1, GX620, GX620K1, GX620R1, GX620U1, GX630, GX630R, GX670R, GX670U, and GX690
  • Fits all Honda engines GXV270, GXV340, GXV340A2, GXV340K1, GXV340K2, GXV340RT2, GXV340UA2, GXV340UT1, GXV340UT2, GXV390, GXV390A1, GXV390K1, GXV390RT1, GXV390T1, and GXV390UA1
  • Fits all Honda engines GXV520U, GXV530, GXV530R, and GXV530U,
  • Fits all Honda engines GXV610, GXV610K1, GXV610R1, GXV610U1, GXV620,GXV630, GXV630R, GXV660R, GXV670, GXV670R, GXV670U, and GXV690R


  • Crankshaft key
  • 6.3 x 6.3 x 43
  • Fits Honda engines GD320, GD410, GX240, GX240K1, GX240U1, GX240U2, GX240UT1, GX240UT2, GX270, GX270R VMS2, GX270T QAG2, GX270U, GX270U2 QXEM, GX270UH QXC9, GX270 UT, and GX270UT2
  • Fits Honda engines GX340, GX340K1,GX340R1 QNB2, GX340RT1 QNB2, GX340RT2 QNB2, GX340U1, GX340U2, GX340UT1, GX340UT2, GX360K1, GX390K1, GX390R1, GX390RT1, GX390RT2, GX390T1, GX390T2 QADW, GX390U1,GX390UH1, GX390UT1, and GX390UT2
  • Fits Honda engines GX440IU, GX610K1, GX610R1 QDX2, GX610U1, GX620K1, GX620R1, GX620U1, GX630, GX660 TXT3, GX670R TXFU, GX670U, GX690, GXV610, GXV610K1, GXV610R1, GXV610U1,GXV620, GXV620K1, GXV620R1, GXV620U1, GXV670, GXV670R, and GXV670U


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