Honda Small Engine Wire Harnesses and Sub-Wire Harnesses

Find Honda small engine wire harnesses and sub-wire harnesses below. Select a Honda small engine wire harness or sub-wire harness to view its description. Search above with Honda wire harness ot sub-wire harness part numbers. If your Honda engine wire harnesses aren't listed, contact us.

  • Sub-wire harness
  • Fits Honda engines GCV520U (SEE4, WEE1), GCV530 QEA3, and GCV530U (AEE1, SEE2)
  • Fits Honda engines GX340UT2 QZN2, GX390UT2 (QZN2, QZNR), GX440IR VQMG, and GX440IU
  • Fits Honda engines GX610 (QAF2, QAFP, QAFU, QDF2, TXF2), GX610K1, GX610R1, and GX610U1
  • Fits Honda engines GX620, GX620K1, GX620R1, GX620U1, and GX640
  • Fits Honda engines GX670, GX670R, and GX670U
  • Fits Honda engines GXV520U QEA3, GXV530 (JXA3, QEA3), GXV530R QEA3, and GXV530U (JXA3, QEA3, QXU3, QXU4, SXE3, UXE3)
  • Fits Honda engines GXV610 (QAFP, QAFU,QYF4), GXV610K1 QAF, GXV610R1 QAF, and GXV610U1 (QAF, QYF4)
  • Fits Honda engines GXV620 (QAF, QAF4, QAFP, QAFU, QYF4), GXV620K1, GXV620R1 (QAF, QYF), and GXV620U1 (QAF, QAF6, QYF, QYF4)
  • Fits Honda engines GXV670, GXV670R, and GXV670U


  • Sub-wire harness
  • Fits Honda engines GX240 and GX240K1 PAE
  • Fits Honda engines GX270 (QSC, QSC9, QSE2)GX270U (QHR4, QKE3, QKE4, QME2, QSE2, QSE8, QXB6, SME1), and GX270UT (QKE4, QSE8)
  • Fits Honda engines GX340GX340K1, GX340R1 QNB2, GX340RT1 QNB2, GX340U1, and GX340UT1 QNE2
  • Fits Honda engines GX390K1, GX390R1 QNB2, GX390RT1 QNB2, GX390RT2 QNB2, GX390U1, GX390U2, GX390UT1 (QNE2, QWC4, SM32), and GX390UT2 (QNE2, SM32)


  • Sub wire-harness
  • Fits Honda engines GX240K1, GX240U1, GX240UT1, and GX240UT2
  • Fits Hodna engines GX270, GX270U QAR2, GX270UT QAR2, and GX270UT2 QAR2
  • Fits Honda engines GX340K1, GX340UT1 QNR2, GX390K1, GX390U1 (QNR2, QNR6, QWH2), and GX390UT1 QNR2


  • Wire harness
  • Fits Honda engines GX630R (QXA, QXC2, QZA, QZE, VXA1, VXD2, VXD8, VXE2, VZA, VZA2), GX660R VXE2, and GX690R VXE2


We supply Honda small engine wire harnesses and sub-wire harnesses.

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